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Reversible Belt FIRENZA

Product description 

Reversible Belt / width 30 mm
Buckle facet Bowtie shiny Palladium or Gold finishing / width 70 mm - Height 36.5 mm
1 or 2 bizel strips Gold or Shiny Palldium finish

Recto : Super Soft SHAGREEN leather, Stingray Red Wine color
Verso :Togo Calfskin grainé 3 colors available (Pastel Blue, Pebble, Camel)  Or Black Box Calfskin
Adjustable closure system

French handmade fabrication

Price SHAGREEN leather Strap without white pearl : 390 Euros
Price SHAGREEN leather Strap with white pearl : 450 Euros

Price Bow Tie Platinum Buckle : 95 Euros
Price Bow Tie Gold Finish : 135 Euros